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Congratulation, Sayem Sobhan Anvir

Congratulation, Sayem Sobhan Anvir

What he thinks today, others may think it tomorrow. This is the height of the vision and foresight of Sayem Sobhan Anvir, the Managing Director of the country’s leading business conglomerate Bashundhara Group. By virtue of his ingenuity, dynamism and mastery over the art of entrepreneurship, he makes impossible possible. For example, many ventures which were once a dream only turned out to be reality thanks to his apt leadership skills. Thus his dynamic, energetic, astute and compassionate leadership not only steered Bashundhara Group to a leading position  in the corporate world, but also made Bangladesh a better place.

It fills our hearts with pride and joy that Sayem Sobhan Anvir was conferred the ‘Best Excellence Award 2021’. Indian Importers Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) have given him the accolade in a ceremony in Dhaka considering his outstanding contributions to trade and commerce.

We congratulate the iconic Managing Director of Bashundhara Group for receiving this prestigious award. Winning a famous award is always a matter of great delight for the award winner, but when recognition comes from a foreign country, it carries added importance. In this light, winning of the ‘Best Excellence Award 2021’ is a matter of pride, prestige and joy for not only Sayem Sobhan Anvir, but also for the entire nation. In a word, it is an honour for Bangladesh.

This award, along with a host of other national and international ones, highlights that Sayem Sobhan Anvir has become a well-respected and admired personality both nationally and internationally.

He, under the guidance of his father and Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, has been working tirelessly and relentlessly to bring dynamism and consumer satisfaction in the field of planned urbanisation, trade, manufacturing, sports and journalism. Bashundhara Group’s motto – ‘For the People, For the Country’ – underlines that apart from merely doing business to make a profit, it has a high regard for serving the people and the country. And thanks to the Groups’ immaculate business ethics and unwavering commitment to maintaining quality, nearly all of its ventures found niches both in local and foreign markets.

One of the driving forces behind the Bashundhara Group’s enviable success is its Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir. So he deserves our gratitude for his invaluable contribution to economic growth, employment generation and humanitarian service. His humanitarian and social services during the coronavirus pandemic will remain as a glowing example in history. We wish him a long and healthy life as he moves forward to transform his success into greatness.

Source:  Daily Sun

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