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Gold traders urge people to buy jewellery from BAJUS members – Daily Sun

Gold traders urge people to buy jewellery from BAJUS members – Daily Sun

Speakers at separate programmes urged people not to buy gold jewellery from shops or companies not affiliated with Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS).

They said jewellery industry will be more prosperous in the future under the leadership of Sayem Sobhan Anvir, President of Bangladesh Jeweller’s Association (BAJUS).

The speakers came up with the remarks while addressing the BAJUS Pirojpur District Conference -2022 and BAJUS Jhalokathi District Conference -2022 on Sunday.

BAJUS Pirojpur District Committee organised the district conferences at SB Community Centre of Pirojpur Municipality while BAJUS Jhalokathi District Committee organised the district conferences at Fatema Convention Centre in Jhalokathi.

Dr Dilip Kumar Roy, former President of BAJUS and Chairman of BAJUS District Monitoring Standing Committee, was present as chief guest in Pirojpur and Jhalokathi District conferences.

At the beginning of the programmes in Pirojpur and Jhalokathi, the respective BAJUS District Committees presented sperate Crests of Honour to BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir.

Ruhul Amin Rasel, Business Editor of Bangladesh Pratidin, received the Crests on behalf of BAJUS President Sayem Sobhan Anvir.

Speaking as the chief guest, Dr Dilip Kumar Roy said Sayem Sobhan Anvir, Managing Director of Bashundhara Group, has taken the charge of BAJUS at the request of traders to bring back the lost glory of the country’s gold business. He has expanded the activities of BAJUS all over the country. He has also provided spacious office for BAJUS in Bashundhara City.

“All the gold traders of the country should be united under one umbrella. If you are a member of BAJUS, the BAJUS Central Committee will take all the responsibility of those gold traders.”

Speaking the function, the BAJUS also said they will take appropriate action if the gold traders are harassed in the name of addressing VAT related issues while transporting gold.

The lost glory of gold industry will come back again. Gold traders have to do business by buying gold bars from dealers, he added.

The former president of BAJUS expressed hope that the revenue earned by exporting gold ornaments written ‘Made in Bangladesh’ would surpass the garment industry in terms of revenue.

He said, “The country’s gold traders have long been demanding a gold policy. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made a timely gold policy. This policy is timely to bring back the lost glory of the gold industry. The goldsmiths of our country have gained fame by going abroad and making gold ornaments.”

He said in future, gold ornaments made in Bangladesh will be exported. Many people in the garment industry are now investing in the gold industry.

The Prime Minister has given importance to this industry. The Commerce Minister has requested the NBR to reduce VAT on gold traders from 5 percent to 2 percent, he added.

The former BAJUS President said organising a jewellery fair has never even imagined in Bangladesh. Sayem Sobhan Anvir, after taking charge of

BAJUS, has earned parise home and abroad by holding the country’s first-ever jewellery fair. He also informed that a general conference of gold traders will be held in Dhaka later this year to consolidate the gold trade. Gold traders will get CIP status. Any gold traders can become a member of BAJUS for free within the next two months.

He directed to form a new committee of BAJUS in the districts within the next three months.

Masudur Rahman, Vice Chairman of BAJUS Standing Committee on Law Membership, said “The gold business is closely linked to the world economy. Led by Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir, the gold business is seeing new opportunities in Bangladesh. Gold traders from all over the country are coming together at his call. There is no alternative to be united to sustain the business.”

Joynal Abedin Khokon, Member Secretary of BAJUS Standing Committee on District Monitoring, said all gold traders should be included in BAJUS. When buying and selling gold, the customers’ national identity card, photo and mobile phone number should be included in the memo.

He demanded to establish a gold bank in the future for further development of the country’s gold industry.

Md Riponul Hasan, Member Secretary of BAJUS Standing Committee on Law Membership and Pabitra Chandra Ghosh, Member of BAJUS Standing Committee on District Monitoring, also spoke on the occasion.

In Pirojpur, BAJUS Pirojpur District Advisor Delwar Hossain presided over the programme. General Secretary Ripon Dutta moderated the programme.

In Jhalokathi, BAJUS Jhalokathi District Committee president Babu Pran Kumar Karmokar presided over the programme, which was moderated by General Secretary Badhon Karmakar.

Later, in an open discussion, the local gold traders raised their various issues and sought the intervention of the central BAJUS leaders to resolve the issues. At the end of the ceremony, guests are greeted with crests.


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