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‘Golden days of football will return’

‘Golden days of football will return’

Sayem Sobhan Anvir, chairman of Sheikh Russell Sports Club and managing director of Bashundhara Group, hopes that the amidst the tide of popularity for cricket in the country, glory days of football will also comeback.

“Football is the number one sport in the world,” he said. However, Bangladesh is lagging behind in football. Though, slowly but surely,we are moving forward. Glory days of football will return again. Everything will happen step by step.

Sayem Sobhan Anvir said this while exchanging views with the journalists present after the election of the Board of Directors (2021-24) of Sheikh Russell Sports Club Limited on Saturday.

The election of the board of directors of Sheikh Russell Sports Club was held in a festive atmosphere on Saturday. In the election, 60 people competed for 30 director posts. There were 98 voters. Voting started at 9:30 am on Saturday at International Convention City Bashundhara and ended at 12:30 pm. Imrul Hasan acted as the Chief Election Commissioner.

While exchanging views with journalists, Sayem Sobhan Anvir further said, “We don’t want any question to arise in the future about this election.” Transparency and impartiality were maintained in the entire voting process. The voting was completed in a festive atmosphere.

Regarding the future plans of Sheikh Russell Sports Club, the Managing Director of Bashundhara Group further said, “Together with the Board Members and Board Directors, we will decide on the future of Sheikh Russell Sports Club.” Then there will be a committee. As per the decision taken at the committee meeting, we will start everything anew, with new initiative. The decision will be made after taking everyone’s opinion on how to fulfill our dream strategy.

Regarding the initiative to form a cricket team from Sheikh Russell Sports Club, Sayem Sobhan Anvir said that the initiative has been delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Coronavirus has affected the whole world. The normal activities of Sheikh Russell Sports Club have also been disrupted due to corona.

But once we are committed to building a cricket team, it will happen. Sayem Sobhan Anvir further said, our dream was to have an academy, a field. The final plan was made in this regard. However, due to the corona situation we could not take anything forward.

Regarding the overall development of football in the country, Sayem Sobhan Anvir said, “Everyone should patronise football.” Despite being the number one game in the world, I don’t know why Bangladesh football is neglected. There are opportunities for development in many aspects of football. We have built a sports complex on behalf of Bashundhara Group. There are many more such large groups in Bangladesh. They should also build a football academy, take initiatives from their respective positions for the overall development of football.

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