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LPG price to be controlled within two months

LPG price to be controlled within two months
Terming LPG as the energy for future, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid yesterday said that government would take initiatives to control the LPG price within the next two months.

Talking with the journalists at the sidelines of the ‘4th LPG Asia LPG Summit 2017’  which started yesterday at the Bashundhara International Convention Centre, Nasrul said that an effective pricing mechanism will be introduced in consultation with private market operators to months to control the prices.
World LPG Association organised the two-day summit where a new organisation ‘LPG Operators Association of Bangladesh’ (LOAB) was floated with Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s private sector development affairs adviser Salman F Rahman its president.
Admitting the sale of LPG at inflated rates in different areas, Nasrul said this happens due to transportation cost. “We’re studying how the LPG price could be linked with the international market.”
He said the Energy Division has already formulated a policy over investment in the LPG sector. “Now we’re working to determine how and who will regulate the LPGF market and how can the safety be ensured.”
Earlier, speaking as the chief guest at the inauguration ceremony, he said that 70 per cent of the existing household gas connections will be replaced with LPG over the next two years.
“Our original plan was three years. But, one year has already elapsed. Now two years are left for the job to be done. Hopefully, we’ll be able to introduce LPG in 70 per cent areas,” he said.
Nasrul alleged that the BNP-Jamaat government during its rule had launched a misleading campaign that the country had enough natural gas. “But, that was a totally wrong idea for which the country is suffering.”
He said if the natural gas is diverted to industries from household and motor vehicles, it would give more benefits to the economy.
Urging the private investors to go for more investment in LPG sector, he said the economy is growing fast and there will be a huge LPG market in Bangladesh.
He informed that the government has a plan to replace the CNG with Auto Gas for motor vehicles as well. Even LPG could be used in small and medium industries, he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Salman F Rahman said that the government has gradually increased the price of gas through pipeline to discourage gas usage for domestic purposes and for vehicles.
“The country only has limited amount of gas left. We should be careful in using it. Our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has thus put emphasis in energy alternative like LPG,” he said.

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