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Bashundhara Eye Hospital treats 250 schoolchildren, makes them eye-conscious

Bashundhara Eye Hospital Treats 250 School Children

Little students of the Reverie School received ophthalmic treatment and counseling from a medical team of Bashundhara Eye Hospital and Research Institute (BEHRI) at their own campus on Tuesday.

Eye examinations, treatments and consultancies were provided by BEHRI under its School Sight Testing Programme being run by seven doctors, technologists and supportive staffs.
The BEHRI team was available to the students amid month-long health awareness programme initiated by Reverie School located in Block- L, Lane- 1, Plots- 166 and 167 in Bashundhara Residential Area of the capital.

During the vision care service, eyes of 150 children from Play Group to Kindergarten were examined.  The students having minor eye problems were given treatment at the school. However, the children diagnosed with serious ailments were taken to the hospital for providing better treatment. Besides, 100 students from Grade-I to Grade-6 were examined and treated for ophthalmic problems.

About school programme, Dr Tasruba Shahnaz, consultant of Bashundhara Eye Hospital and Research Institute, said “We examined eyes of the children of Reverie School to detect dryness and other ophthalmic ailments. The students were not only treated but also made aware of eyes.”

Rahat Nigar, teacher and coordinator of Play Group-Kindergarten Section of Reverie School, said “BEHRI provided treatment to students and encouraged them to take care of eyes. The little kids receive academic lessons through play. They will also be aware of their health.”

Now-a-days, children are addicted to mobile phone which causes damages to their eyes, minds and studies, she said, adding the School Sight Testing Programme will be beneficial to their healthy growths.

SOURCE : Daily Sun

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