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Underprivileged kids taking lessons to be good human beings

Bashundhara Shuvosangho School is Lighting up Shoal in Kurigram

Bashundhara Shuvosangho School was launched at the beginning of this year in West Jagonnathpur village under Jagonnathpur union in Thakurgaon Sadar upazila. Funded by Bashundhara Group, the country’s largest industrial conglomerate, the school is supervised by the local unit of Shuvosangho. Pre-primary education is imparted to 40 child learners.

Except for Fridays and Saturdays, classes are held from 8:30am to 10:30am every day. Most of the students in Shuvosangho School are from poverty-stricken families. Two teachers are engaged in teaching them.

There was no school in the surrounding areas. Guardians did not send their children to schools located in far-flung areas. Considering the plight of children of disadvantaged families, Bashundhara Group decided to establish a school in the village. Since its launching, schoolteachers’ holistic approach to children’s education has drawn the remarkable attention of parents and guardians.

They started sending their children to the school spontaneously. Presently, the school has gained people’s confidence. Lots of people in the surrounding villages have become interested in sending their children to school. Parents and guardians think the school is an advanced one that imparts quality education to students. Here, teachers consider students as their children. All of them are child-friendly. Gradually, the children have become more interested in study.  

Thakurgaon District Education Officer Md Shaheen Akter visited the school. He expressed his utmost satisfaction after observing the teachers’ child-friendly technique of teaching.

Urmi Akter, mother of a student named Sanvi Akter, said, “A few months ago, my child used to seldom talk to us at home and most of the time remain depressed. Since the beginning of her schooling at Shuvosangho School, Sanvi changed a lot. Now, she spontaneously talks to everyone at home and pays her respects to elders. Before going to school, she recites poems aloud like “Sokaley Uthia Ami Mone Boli, Saradin Ami Jeno Bhalo Hoye Choli”. The school has been able to create her interest in study.”

Taherul Islam, father of another student named Miaz Islam, said, “Bashundhara Shuvosangho School has been able to draw the attention of the people in the locality. The standard of education is high in this school.

When the children recite poems aloud with the teachers, a different atmosphere is created on the school premises and beyond it. Their rhythmic recitation in the morning delights the guardians in such a manner that cannot be expressed in words.”

Motaher Hossain, the father of another learner, Abdullah Noman, said, “Alongside education, the school is teaching family discipline to the children, which is praiseworthy indeed! Taking lessons in this school, the students will grow as ideal human beings. Thanks to all, who are involved with the school.”

Safa Islam’s mother Nurjahan Begum said, “In Bashundhara Shuvosangho School, every educational material like books, notebooks, pens, schoolbags, dresses and shoes are distributed among the students free of cost. This is unbelievable indeed! While educating my child, I do not have to spend any money at all.

The schools and madrassas of the surrounding areas are located in distant places. The standard of education is also below the expected level. The atmosphere of the school is not also congenial to education.
Schoolteacher Sathi Akter said, “Finding the high standard of education and strict discipline of the school, lots of parents and guardians have become interested in getting their children admitted to this school.

As the number of seats is limited, it is not possible to enrol extra students in the ongoing year.  To increase their interest in study, the students are involved in extra-curricular activities. They are taught how to tell stories, while their teachers recite poems and rhymes as well as tell students interesting stories. Alongside lessons, family discipline is also taught to the children. As to why, the name and fame of the school spread far and wide quickly.”

SOURCE : Daily Sun